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We All Join In

We All Join In

Well being and Health for children

Cosmic Kids is a Youtube channel with Yoga for children. A great way to relax and feel calm. 

FOCUS On the Go! supports the FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress™) family resilience training model. As well as offering advice to families about holding family meetings, relaxing, etc. the app also has games for your child to play that will help them to build resilience or problem solve.  

Below are some Youtube Channels that support wellbeing and mindfulness for children:

Relax kids
Be the pond
Mindfulness breathing for children 
Mindful minute
Mindfulness is a superpower 
How mindfulness empowers us
Loving kindness for kids 
Breathing and stretch 
Comic kids yoga stories 
Pokemon cosmic kids yoga story 
Spider power 
Jamie’s power breaks 
Superpower listening 

Youtube recordings of stories to support wellbeing: 

Only one you 
You be you
It’s ok to be different 
Be who you are
Have you filled a bucket today
The wonderful things you will be 
How full is your bucket 
Kindness song 
The dot 
Be the pond 
I am peace