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We All Join In

We All Join In

English (reading and writing)

Read Write Inc have daily speed sound lessons for Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds which are ten minutes long. Click here to go onto their Youtube Channel

Pobble has a picture and story starters/writing activities to do every day. A great stimulus for writing.

Oxford Owl is a site with free reading books and activities to do at home. 

Jersey Library have different ways to access their online catalogue. You can  borrow an ebook or borrow an audio book or download a magazine. Remember to check that the books that you download are appropriate for the age of your child. There are also great books and magazines for adults too! 

Teach your monster to read is offering a free subscription to their site. This is suited to early readers and offers games and activities for children just starting to read letters and sounds as well as those ready to move on. 

For older readers, readtheory is a site that offers comprehension questions based on what the child has just read. After creating an account for your child, they will be given a short quiz that will then assess their current reading level. Using this information, the site will then generate texts and comprehension questions to match their reading ability. It also gives them instant feedback (which we love!)

If your child would like to access some poetry, this site has collated a huge bank of child-friendly poems.