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We All Join In

We All Join In

Year 1 Permissions form

During the time of school closures, we are using different approaches to teaching and learning. We ask that parents provide permission for children to access the online platforms below.

Video Calls
We are trailing the use of video calling, hopefully using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

If there was an opportunity to video call it is a parent choice if your child takes part. If your child does take part, we ask that you follow these rules below and talk to your child before the call to ensure they understand the expectations.

- Ensure that your child’s device is in an appropriate location in your home (in a shared area is a good idea) and make sure you child is ready for the video call.
- Help you child set up the call and be around the area to support as appropriate
- Discuss with your child about using appropriate comments whilst on video and in any written chat/messages
- Do not allow any recording or screen shots during the video call
- Encourage your child to switch off their audio if they aren’t speaking

I give permission for my child to access video calls if there is an opportunity to do one*

When school closed, we asked parents to opt out if they didn't want their child to use Seesaw. Please can you confirm that you still give permission for your child to access Seesaw.
Seesaw privacy statement can be found on this website:

I give permission for my child to use Seesaw*
Children can only see their learning on Seesaw (not other children's work). On some occasions, the class teacher might want to share work with the whole class and sometimes this would include a photo of your child. Do you give permission for your child's photo or video to be shared with other children in the class for the purpose of sharing learning?*